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Ingrid Lundberg
You can see her coming from a mile away, from her trademark ponytail to her sleek black soccer pants, Ingrid O’Brien (married to Dylan O’Brien) is one of a kind. When she isn’t trying to convince you Tori Kelly is the next big thing, she can be found playing on the US national Bandy team. She excels in a sport that virtually no one knows about, and she’s okay with that. She was not born with her distinct and intelligent humor, nor was it just given to her. Ingrid worked hard. She spent 16 years studying the craft under an apprenticeship with the Tina Fey and the Amy Poehler. Eventually they had to let her go after she surpassed their skills. Legend has it Beyonce is her backup singer and once she even beat Martha Stewart in a bake off. On any of her days off you can find Ingrid in cycling class with Michelle Obama.

Ingrid Lundberg, Varsity Writer

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Ingrid Lundberg