Knight Errant

Haley Hewitson
Haley Hewitson is an amazing volleyball player who was unable to commit to a D1 school because of her shoulder injury. Although she loves volleyball, you can always hear her complaining about a coach or playing time. You can often find her sleeping until 2 pm, with friends, or on trips with her so called twin, Anna Geherin. Pulling into school, blasting music to the loudest possible volume, repeating one song over and over again for two weeks, she can always be found with music playing around her. Her school outfit incorporates leggings and the same shirt she wore three days ago. She usually hangs out with the same people every day and is never home until the minute curfew hits. When it comes to online shopping, you can always find her with a full cart of clothes but when you check back in a month they will still be there waiting. She is usually broke, so relies on friends to pay for her meals, but somehow manages to always find money for Starbucks every morning. 

Haley Hewitson, Staff Writer

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Haley Hewitson