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Gunnar Lundberg
After years of pretending to be an average human being, Gunnar, born 43 A.O. (After Oprah) has decided he can no longer willingly starve the world of his greatness. The world needs his abundance of million-dollar ideas: Br-easy fabric (Patent Pending), the Strawberry Strainer, and the “Put a Lid on it!” Butter Knife. He prides himself in knowing every lyric to every song on T-Swift’s 1989––even the bonus tracks and voice memos. He is a practicing Mystery Diagnostic, so rather than attending formal worships, he watches Mystery Diagnosis every Sunday morning. Although his 9 to 5 job watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “Dance Moms” keeps him very busy, he still finds time to be an activist. He is currently boycotting Lifetime Movie Network until they guarantee a second season of “Escaping Polygamy.” Your move, Lifetime.

Gunnar Lundberg, Social Media Manager

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Gunnar Lundberg