Knight Errant

Ethan Perushek
Ethan sits in a driverless car, while “Nightmare and the Cat” waft out of the stereo. He picks up his Bose noise cancelling earphones and lists lazily through the streets until he reaches the Uptown theater. As he sits in an empty theater, except for that awkward 40 year old man in the back row, watching “Never Let Me go” he contemplates life, death, and love. His over dramatic inner voice feels trapped inside this shell of flesh and bone, yet isn’t that how all hipsters feel? He wanders down the byways and the highways until he reaches suburbia and turns down the dirt rode to his humble abode. As he crosses the threshold he reaches an epiphany... he’s tired.

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Ethan Perushek, Graphic Design Editor

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Ethan Perushek