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Emma Peterson
There's nothing unique about the name, 'Emma Peterson.’ It's like being named 'John Smith.' But due to a dramatic revamp of her name, Emma now has everyone wondering. No one is quite sure how it started, but the name "Cheesepuff" quickly caught on. Emma Peterson is no longer just another nobody. Slapping the name "Cheezpuff" as her middle name on Facebook brought on her ultimate fame. People who barely know her will randomly bring her cheesepuffs as if she likes them, but she's too afraid to tell them she actually doesn't enjoy them as much as people might think... Her writing passion started fairly recently when she realized she came from a family of writers on her mother's side (all of whom have hilarious writing styles), and has loved writing ever since. She has two hedgehogs, and she likes to talk to them. Sometimes,when she feels like she wants to connect on a deeper level with her hedgehogs, she will spike her hair.


Emma Peterson, Staff Writer

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Emma Peterson