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Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson, an adventurous, Latin fluent, Libra, owns her own Time-Turner, which she uses to relive her favorite moments and travel back in time while attending school (this is probably why she appears to be so exhausted all the time). Despite this she still finds time to harmonize with “Seasons of Love” from Rent while driving, take all of the Buzzfeed quizzes and pensively reflect on the results, and sprint at the speed of a gazelle through the Sahara in Cross Country. When she is not at home watching and mentally competing in “Chopped” on The Food Network, Emily can be found acquiring every shade of nail polish to add to her whopping stockpile, which currently stretches from her house to the southern tip of Texas. In the future, she hopes to hitchhike to Norway, where she will train a pack of Siberian Huskies to enter in Skijoring races.

Emily Anderson, Student Life Editor

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Emily Anderson