Knight Errant

Elanna Tang
Since she quit the shooting of Incredible Doberman's Fear, the new Most Expected (Dog) Action Movie of the Year, Elanna Tang exclaimed she is no longer interested in the glamor of  Hollywood life with champagne and parties and the shallows scheme against each other. Besides going back to her Highschool press as one of the best video photographers (the 7th to be exact), Elanna also opened up a restaurant using chemistry experimental apparatus as cooking utensils right on the corner of St. Louis Park Street. Make sure you don't miss the MnO5 and CaSO4·2H2O Angel Cake with CuSO4 Ramune there, only $2.99! And no, she does not cook; no one cook in the restaurant; Elanna coded a program to do all the cooking! Therefore she can have the time to write her recent global political theory into one book.

Elanna Tang, Videographer

Nov 21, 2016
Ari’s Pet Rats (Media)
The student news site of Benilde-St. Margaret's School in St. Louis Park, MN
Elanna Tang