Knight Errant

Danielle Kincs
Almost everything you need to know about Danielle can be read about in her Diversions stories. Known to hang out with old biker dudes, her go-to phrase for “something you didn’t know about me” questionnaire is: “I drove a motorcycle before I drove a car.” This is true. She suffered a severe addiction to the 2010 Winter Olympics and absolutely loves her Latin cult -- I mean, class (Latin V represent!). Not yet written about is her and her friends’ life-fulfilling obsession with a certain osteo-related show, her understanding of “Americana” -- trust me, this girl has seen it all, her newfound talent for making gumbo (like Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”), and her recent trip to New Orleans where she met a woman claiming to be a forensic anthropologist. Well... she wasn’t. Instead she was an undercover tarot card reader -- no joke. Could it be that she was foreseeing Danielle’s future? Tune in next time to find out.

Danielle Kincs, Editor-in-Chief

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Danielle Kincs