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Connor Reis
Connor Reis is a BSM student, a writer or the Knight Errant, and the star of the Red Knight bowling team. He often finds it challenging to juggle school, bowling, and all the unrelenting female attention that comes with being a varsity bowler, but he always finds a way to manage his time well. When he’s not signing autographs, he likes listening to smooth jazz and helping underprivileged children in Bosnia. Connor says that when he’s done with high school, he wants to be a normal person. “I’ve been awesome for too long, and I think I’ve done all I have to,” says Reis. Connor is often asked what if he plans on giving back to the community that raised him, but he decided to buy a bowling alley to put in his house instead. Connor has been asked multiple times by the editors of the Knight Errant to answer a few questions. He has yet to answer one of them; he’s usually bowling.

Connor Reis, Technology Editor

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Connor Reis