Knight Errant

Charlie Kraemer
Born the middle child in a family of five kids, the life of Charles David Kraemer has been a ceaseless struggle to stand out amongst the masses that surround him.  Now known by his friends more simply as Chuck, he has brought this same quest for distinctiveness to the halls of BSM.  This time, rather than by the deafening magnitude of his child voice, he garners attention on the merits of his flamboyant interpretations of various issues as well as his limitless sense of humor.  When he feels as though his classrooms have become an improper pallet for the expression of his colorful ideas, Chuck takes to the school’s debate team, where he is always at ease speaking on an issue as he sees fit.  This year, Chuck has stumbled upon a new vehicle for the communication of his many opinions: the BSM Knight Errant.  Be it an article about the United States political climate or an article about the lack of an underwater basket weaving team (this is NOT a joke) at BSM, Chuck hopes he can offer new insight to the student newspaper.

Charlie Kraemer, Staff Writer

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Charlie Kraemer