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Caroline Pauly

Meet Caroline

Caroline, also known as Carol or Coach’s Daughter, was basically born and raised in the halls of Benilde-St. Margaret’s and is in fact a proud Little Knights Alum (first graduating class, no big deal). Though the boys’ hockey coach is her dad, she sadly has not taken advantage of her resources and does not play hockey thus bringing shame to her family. She has given up her potential to basically be a hockey legend and spends most of her time twirling and leaping on dance team and laxing it up on the turf. When she is rarely outside of school, she can be seen folding cashmere sweaters at H.O.B.O. or indulging in some nice chicken noodle soup from Noodles or Panera. She also claims to be a “good driver” despite her numerous accidents including running into her mailbox (day 2 of driving), backing into a closed garage door, rear ending someone (part 1) on the frontage road and rear ending someone (part 2) on Northwest Boulevard. She does aspire to go to college despite these financial burdens.


Caroline Pauly, Staff Writer

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Caroline Pauly