Knight Errant

Brady Solomon
Who is Brady Solomon? Nobody really knows for sure. Eye-witnesses have claimed to have spotted the elusive individual in the engineering lab, help desk, and even in the dugout with the cross-country team after school, but no student can say for sure where he came from or who he is. Some believe he’s a ghost, haunting the school’s halls for an unknown reason. Others claim he’s just a legend, created by bored teenagers in years past. The mystery has led to the creation of several groups, most notably the ‘Search for Solomon’ (SFS), which has compiled and studied all known accounts of the mysterious figure. Despite variation in each account, several consistencies have led to a general description of the individual. According to the SFS, Brady is most often seen wearing a plain t-shirt (typically various shades of grey or blue) and cargo pants or shorts. In addition to his attire, almost half of the accounts describe him using what appears to be an e-reader. Further details have yet to be obtained, and for now the man remains a mystery.

Brady Solomon, Staff Writer

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Brady Solomon