Knight Errant

Austin Bray
“Athlete,” “scholar,” “philosopher.” These are just a few of the ways random passersby might describe Austin Bray, at least in his head. Among his daring adventures include escaping custody of the South African police, wrestling a hammerhead shark, and going wristband to wristband with Michael Jordan in a dunk contest (almost all of these are true). When he’s not writing riveting and world-altering stories for the Knight Errant, El Santo (as he is known in most countries) spends his time distracted by shiny things, grappling with his all too real fear of mountain lions, and leading his team to victory as Commander-in-Chief of the clay target team. His interests include reciting lines from every Netflix TV show, switching places with his twin/clone/nemesis, and conquering the world in his plot to become that guy from the Dos Equis commercial.


Austin Bray, Staff Writer

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Austin Bray