Knight Errant

Addie Reine
Once upon a time in a land full of flying frogs, Addie, reigned over the domain of these flying frogs. She herself taught the frogs flying lessons and they in turn taught her the ways of their Secret Society of Mud Dwellers. However, after multiple frog flight collisions, it was only a matter of time before the frogs realized that they weren't actually suppose to be able to fly. They banished Addie (a.k.a. "Goddess of Flight") from their land and she wandered until she met a band of Thumbelinas from the line of the one and only Thumbelina herself. Joining their group of miniature people, Addie found many ways to assist the Thumbelinas in their struggles with being so small in size, but yet again Addie was forced to move on when she accidentally squished a few Thumbelinas. Finally finding a land of people like her, Addie arrived in a new world called America where she befriended many people just like herself. She has forever dwelled in this land and will continue to dwell here until her cousin, the Ogre of Nevensholk, comes to bring her to yet another new land.

Addie Reine, Twin Cities Scene Editor

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Addie Reine