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Knight Errant

Sally Calengor
Sally Calengor’s life is as busy as Home Depot on Black Friday. That is, not busy at all. When she isn’t found at an ice rink “playing hockey”, she can usually be found watching Netflix or telling knock-knock jokes to Siri, her best friend (and not by choice). Her diet consists entirely of varied flavors of ice cream ranging from vanilla to vanilla with chocolate sauce. You can clearly tell that “Daredevil” is her middle name. Other than that, she is currently in a devoted relationship with her academics. Sadly, they seem to be on the outs as she has been seen procrastinating nearly all of her homework. Even so, she clings to her 4.0 GPA like velcro only to be separated by the realization that there is probably something better to do. She may even be a main character on the TV show Lost because getting lost is her only talent. So, if you see a confused sophomore wandering around, leave her alone because chances are she’ll just get lost again anyways.

Sally Calengor, Staff Writer

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The student news site of Benilde-St. Margaret's School in St. Louis Park, MN
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