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Knight Errant

Mary Youngblut
A Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, Mary Youngblut can tell you more about her famous dwarven bard - Jean Paul - than she can tell you about herself. A lazy sap, she spends most of her days playing board games alone. A runner up in every election sums up her life: A little less than best. Once called a killer rabbit by her middle-school band teacher, she is vicious and will strike when you least expect it. If she can pull herself out of bed at all. She once had a dream to have a 4.0 but gave up when she decided it was too much work. Very much like a hibernating bear, Mary naps most of her afternoons only to wake up for food. She also stays up quite late playing criminal case and pretending she’s a detective. She then proceeds to say “I’ll go to bed early tomorrow.”

Mary Youngblut, Staff Writer

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