Spectacular Mamma Mia Showcases Talent and Energy


Sarah Humphrey

The BSM drama department delights the audience with an energetic and fun-filled performance.

“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” Another show by the Benilde-Saint Margaret’s drama department, and yet again they have put on another amazing student production. This spring’s musical Mamma Mia was fun, energetic, and frankly one of the best plays BSM has ever put on during the five years I have attended this school. The vocals were off the charts with Audrey Taylor as Donna Sheridan and Greta Hall as Sophie Sheridan. The performances were nothing less than spectacular.

The dancing was amazing with BSM’s biggest cast yet. With Emmy award winning Linda Talcott Lee as lead choreographer, this performance was showstopping. As an audience member, I was entranced by the story. Although I have seen Mamma Mia before, seeing it live on stage with familiar faces playing some of my favorite characters was an amazing experience I won’t forget. The acting was so amazing it felt like there were professionals on the stage. I was sucked into the story and could really feel the energy in the room.

The end of the play was definitely one of my favorite parts; the audience was invited to stand up and sing along to the classic ABBA song, “Dancing Queen.” Everyone was clapping, dancing, and smiling. I got chills from how high the energy was. It was such a fun time and you could tell every single person on the stage was having the time of their lives, singing their hearts out, which made the show all the more enjoyable.

I want to emphasize how amazing BSM junior Audrey Taylor was; she portrayed the main character Donna. Her voice is outstanding, and the way she captivated the stage with her emotion and pure talent of acting was truly amazing to watch. She truly belongs on the stage, and I hope to see her in upcoming performances at BSM.

The days following after the play there was a buzz going around BSM. Everyone who went to the play was gloating about how amazing it was. It was all me and my friends could talk about for this following week after the performances. Everyone had the same consensus of how marvelous the play really was.

All in all, this year’s spring musical was by far the best BSM play I have seen. It was amazing to see the classic story we all know and love performed in such an exceptional way with familiar faces. If you have never gone to a production by the BSM drama department I highly suggest you “Take A Chance” and go see. I’m sure the best is yet to come, and I can’t wait for next year’s production.