The plant sale is a successful fundraiser


Martha Long

BSM Plant Sales set up in the wrestling room.

The BSM Plant Sale has been a staple event in BSM for the past six years, although its date of origin is unknown. Every year, the plant sale starts around February, and it is open to BSM Alumni, grandparents, and staff for online orders through Shopify. “The plant sale store stays open for about 8 weeks. Those dates are just for placing online orders through the Shopify online store. The plants get delivered to BSM in the second week of May,” BSM Plant Sale Leader Martha Long said.

The BSM Plant Sale is always held in the wrestling room. The Plant Sale never goes out of the wrestling room and the parents set up and clean up the wrestling room to the full extent to make sure no mess is left.

Selling over 100 different species of plants, the BSM Plant Sale has definitely gained popularity over the past years. With a record high number of orders this year, the BSM Plant Sale has had great success this year. “The plant sale is very popular this year, and we get a lot of people that purchase plants. This year we have approximately 200 orders,” Long said.

As the BSM Plant Sale is very popular, many may wonder where the proceeds go to. The money made off the Plant Sale is used for the BSM Parent Association who raises money for events like Prom, Homecoming, Senior High Breakfast, Middle School parties and many others.

The plant sale is very popular this year, and we get a lot of people that purchase plants. This year we have approximately 200 orders”

— Martha Long

Many people may wonder where all of these plants come from, as over 200 orders of plants are hard to cater to by just individuals. The Plant Sale gets their plants from a farm in Wayzata that helps meet the needs of each order of plants. “We have partnered with Gregor Farm in Wayzata to facilitate the plant sale. We order all of the plants through Gregor Farm and they deliver all of the plants to BSM,” Long said.

The problem of leftover plants is very rare, as every order that is set will very likely be picked up by the placer of the order. Gregor Farm grows only the plants that were specifically ordered, but if there was an extra plant left behind, a parent volunteer would likely take it.

With over 200 orders for plants being placed, and the entire event needing to be set up, the BSM plant sale needs to have a large number of volunteers. “There are three parents that work together to update the website, the cost of plants, pictures, marketing, advertising and ordering the plants. When the plants get delivered to the school and parents are picking up their plants, we have approximately 30 volunteers that help with sorting and getting orders ready to get picked up. In addition, as noted above, for orders greater than $300, the plants are delivered directly to the customer’s homes by parent volunteers,” Long said.