The Craziest Commutes to BSM


Molly Giertsen

BSM student leaving campus for their commute home.

Being a private school, BSM has students that drive to school from all over the state. Some people live as close as 3 minutes away, but others live almost an hour away. The commutes to BSM vary, some making the drive to school not so easy.

How long it takes people to drive to BSM is out of their control, but it is something that many students wish was a little shorter. When you live further from school, you have more of a commute, meaning you have an earlier morning than other students. “Yeah I do wish the drive [to school] was a little shorter, that way I could have some more time in the mornings,” freshman Ellie Stewart, who lives in Minnetonka, said.

Not only is the amount of time a factor of getting to school, but so is the route one has to take. Every drive is not a straight shot and the more turns and stops that appear can add time to kids’ drives every morning. “[My drive to school is] only about 25 to 30 minutes, but I have to drive around Lake Minnetonka in order to get to school, which definitely adds time to my daily commute because of all the stops and turns,” sophomore Carter Callan said.

One time during a bad snowstorm it turned my regular 45 minute drive into a two hour and 10 minute drive,”

— Dylan Popehn

Living in Minnesota, weather is something that is unavoidable and out of our control. When school is not canceled due to bad weather conditions, student’s still have to make the commute to school, often adding a decent amount of time to their everyday drives. Especially for students who live further away, like sophomore Dylan Popehn who lives in Andover, the commute during weather becomes lengthy. “One time during a bad snowstorm it turned my regular 45 minute drive into a two hour and 10 minute drive,” Popehn said.

Along with weather, traffic is also something that plays into students’ commutes to school. Thanks to COVID-19, traffic has definitely become less of an issue, but some mornings depending on different road conditions, it can add a lot of time. “Before covid, traffic was something I ran into everyday on my drive to school, but recently it hasn’t been too bad. Some mornings depending on weather and crashes there has been some bad traffic, but it isn’t an everyday thing,” sophomore Ellie Shideman said.