Everyone Should Listen to Drake’s “Her Loss” Album

Drake and 21 Savages Her Loss album cover.

Courtesy of Pitchfork.com

Drake and 21 Savage’s “Her Loss” album cover.

Popular hip-hop artist Drake decided to partner with artist 21 Savage in the new album Her Loss. The album consists of sixteen songs, all of which were released on November 4, 2022. I have always loved Drake’s music, but this new album has something special about it; specifically, it is very upbeat and motivational.

Starting the album is the song, “Rich Flex,” with an upbeat hip-hop beat. This part of Drake’s music is very motivational and gets “listeners” pumped up to get off Tik Tok and go work. For example, the positive music Drake makes encourages me to workout, play hockey, and stay awake. One thing that makes this song go along is how every line rhymes. This shows Drake’s structure, detail, and flow. For example, “See Drake and they underestimate. Take it from a vet, that’s a rookie a- mistake, ayy.”

Although I like every song in the new album, my favorite song is “Circo Loco.” The unique thing about this song and why it’s so good is because it samples (takes a clip of another song and adds it to his own) from Daft Punk’s “One More Time,” a worldwide favorite. This song in particular makes me want to get up and do something. It is electrifying because of how loud Drake is singing, with so much power in his voice. The reason I listen to this song more than others is because it combines famous pop music with hip-hop. I was hoping for a very unique song in Drake’s new album, something different than the slow singing rap that you could rest in bed and listen to, and am very pleased with how he delivered this fast paced song.

Along with “Circo Loco,” the song “Major Distribution” also successfully takes different genres of music and makes a great track. This particular song starts out with a Christmas beat that produces a warm, spiritual feeling—especially as the holidays are approaching. It seems intentional that Drake included this song because it is perfect timing for the holidays, and it includes a nice combination of rap (loud singing, good flow, samples, and 21 Savage) to keep his fans interested.

I think that Drake’s new album is better than his previous ones because he included samples from other popular songs to improve his own. Some people may say that means he’s unoriginal, but I disagree. After listening to the songs Drake sampled from, he used very small fragments to leave more room for himself and 21 Savage. Overall, Her Loss is a great addition to Drake’s album shelf, and everyone should tune it to it as soon as possible.