Dance Team and Cheer Team: What’s the difference?


Sullivan Lawrence '22

BSM football rushed the field at the beginning of the game with the cheer team surrounding them.

BSM welcomes a new and improved cheerleading team which is making a comeback from 2014. The cheer squad is working to increase the spirit at the football games alongside the Knightettes Fall Dance Team. Both teams are responsible for working together to create an uplifting environment at the games.

The cheer team and dance team have a very different role during football games, however both are crucial to keeping the spirit alive throughout the night. The cheer team’s role is to hype up the student section the entire game. “We do different cheers, flips and dances to get the student section excited. They really like our cheers that involves us throwing candy at them or a call and response cheer,” sophomore Midge Sanderson said.

Dance team’s main focus is to perform at halftime. “We lead team stretches before our dance, then we walk out in the front of the student section and get the team hype before going on at halftime to perform,” captain Abby Lohmann said.

Along with different roles, the cheer and dance team have very different practice schedules, due to the intensity and skill level in both sports. Dance team requires more group work and choreography, therefore they practice more often. “Our team usually practices everyday after school in the fall from three to five,” sophomore Alana Jaffe said.

Cheer team has a more laid back practice schedule throughout the season, practicing one day a week. “We practice on Wednesday for about two hours. And once the season starts, we only practice on Fridays before the games,” Sanderson said.

In addition to the scheduling, the season for cheer and dance team are drastically different. As of right now the cheer team is a fall only activity. “It’s just football season but hopefully if the program gets bigger we can make it all year round,” senior captain Ania Cooper said.

On the contrary, dance team is offered during the fall and winter season. The fall season is a bit different than winter. “We have the fall season which is performing at the BSM home games and winter season where we have a kick and jazz dance. We compete against other high schools and can go to state,” Lohmann said.

One of the dance team members shares their thoughts on the new cheerleading team joining BSM this season. “I think it’s good to have more energy during the game since Dance Team only perform at halftime,” Jaffe said.