School Spirit Increases Thanks to the Class of 2023


Brook Wenande

BSM seniors Clara Luger, Audrey Peterson, and Michaela Dooley at the senior sunrise.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s senior school spirit is all around. From football game themes to school rousers, red and white fills the hallways. At the front of every game, leading the Red Knights student section are BSM’s seniors. But how is the class of 2023 doing in leading the pack this year?

Senior Ella Cantwell attributed Benilde-St. Margaret’s seniors’ spirit as higher this year than previous. Events such as the senior sunrise help in raising senior spirit. “I feel like when you’re a senior, it’s your last year. So it’s kind of exciting because you get to be the oldest… and kind of being a good role model for the younger ones,” Cantwell said.

Senior Julia Schwartz sees eye-to-eye with her classmate, agreeing that school spirit hit higher this year, and mentioned that the “one BSM” concept has helped bring together the school. Schwartz remarked that her spirit fluctuated depending on what events she was attending, but she still maintained spirit as an important factor in a school. “…[School spirit to me is] enjoying your school and being involved in your school,” Schwartz said.

…whenever the new mascot shows up, the stadium gets electric. Everyone is just so excited for our new mascot,”

— Bastian

Junior Maya Sonbol deemed the seniors the most spirited grade, since their last year allows them to take advantage of all of BSM’s activities. Sonbol commented that the seniors are leaders of senior high and set a role for younger students. Although she did agree this year’s seniors have a lot of spirit, she recalls the class of 2022. “I think [the] class of 2022 had the highest spirit, I think they were just really hype,” Sonbol said.

Oliver Bastian, a senior at BSM, explained that in addition to the great leaders and student body of the class of 2023, the reason behind this year’s high senior spirit was the comradery that comes in getting older and growing closer with their class. Bastian also enjoys the new mascot. “…whenever the new mascot shows up, the stadium gets electric. Everyone is just so excited for our new mascot,” Bastian said.

The rest of the school year will determine whether or not this year’s seniors have been counted as the top class for the student body. Although folks appear to believe they lead well, it is up to the seniors to determine how they will fulfill their leadership legacy.