All Students Should Be Able to Leave School Early – Not Just Seniors


Julia Schwartz

A student leaving early during the school day to help get things done in her busy schedule.

Seniors are the only ones who have the privilege of leaving early or coming late during the school day, but I think that should change.

I think that all students should be able to leave school early. Students have a lot going on during the school year and could really benefit from leaving early if they don’t have a class. I don’t understand the point in making a student stay in school if they don’t have anything to do. They would be able to use that time to do something more productive than just sitting around.

I understand that there are students who could really use that time to be forced to complete their homework because they can’t motivate themselves at home. My solution for that would be that unless you are a senior, you earn the privilege to leave early. Students who want to leave early would have to show the attendance office that they have no missing assignments.

To help keep the senior privilege, I think that seniors should be the only ones able to come to school late or leave during the day. The only thing that other students would be able to do is leave early.

I understand that students should just work on their homework during the free hour rather than just sitting around. But the majority of the time, if I use my class time productively, I don’t have any homework I have to do in my free hour. If you aren’t a senior, leaving early should be earned. If you want to leave early you would have to prove to the attendance office when leaving that you don’t have any missing assignments. This way students would be more motivated to get their work done.

Another reason that I have heard for making students stay till the end of the day is because BSM is responsible for us from 8-2:30. My solution for that is making students have their parents sign a sheet of paper saying that they agree to allowing their child to leave school early.

I don’t understand the point in making a student say later when they don’t have anything to work on. Students have very busy schedules and could really use that extra time to help make their schedules a little less busy.