BSM dance team takes up a new hobby: cheez-it reviewing


Lily Butner

The dance team reviews a new flavor of Cheez-It crackers!

The BSM dance team is very well known around the school for having clean apparel, great moves, and lots of school spirit. They are consistently successful from season to season, always placing well at state, but this year they have taken on a new skill: not kicking, not turning, not even head kips. They have mastered the art of food reviews.

The Knightettes began to bring a box or bag of Cheez-It crackers to most of their practices, each time a new flavor or style and giving an on-camera first try and reaction. Then the dancers all give a rating and reasoning based on flavor. The reviews, mostly run by senior Emily Zagaros through a private Snapchat story, are done also by sophomore Sloane Dokman, juniors Abby Lohman and Gabby Nyquist, and seniors LoLo Landry, Kiley Trochlil, and Emily Zagaros.

Reviewing Cheez-It crackers started because of the real enjoyment. The BSM dance team is always trying new things on the floor, so why not expand their pallet? It all started while the dancers were snacking during a water break. The team all liked the original Cheez-It flavor and would eat them at practice, so they decided to try new ones. “We found that we like trying new flavors… kind of like a fun idea to try all the new flavors and review them for other people,” Zagaros said.

We found that we like trying new flavors… kind of like a fun idea to try all the new flavors and review them for other people”

— Zagaros

These reviews have become pretty well known in the junior and senior class. Though it is a private Snapchat story, many people know about it because everyone on the dance team is on the story. People have added Zagaros on Snapchat specifically to be on the Cheez-It private story. As of right now, there are about 110 people on the story. You have to join or ask to be on the story. “I’ll post again and see if anyone else wants to join,” Zagaros said.

The Knightettes have discussed making their Cheez-It reviewing a bigger thing so people all around school can follow the reviews. Right now, it is kind of contained to people who know about it. The girls at one point discussed making it an Instagram account for anyone to follow, but decided it didn’t need to be that big and would be easier over Snapchat. One of their next steps is potentially a Cheez-It bracket, similar to March Madness. “We’ll have an ultimate winner,” Zagaros said.

Of the girls that do the reviews, their favorites and least favorites varied slightly. Dokman, Lohman, and Nyquist all had the same favorite: the Cheese Pizza Cheez-It. The other favorites mentioned were Extra Toasty, Zesty Ranch Grooves, and Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar Grooves. The least favorite was different for each girl: White Cheddar, White Cheddar Grooves, Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar Grooves, Bacon Cheddar, Jalapeno, and Hot & Spicy. “The Italian Four Cheese made the whole Great Hall smell awful,” dance team senior Alexa Adams said.

The dance team will continue to review Cheez-It crackers through the end of the season in February. This is a new tradition this year but there are hopes that it will continue into future seasons.