The final rolling stones tour leaves fans at ease


Courtesy of Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stones band.

The final tour for the Rolling Stones is underway and has passed through Minneapolis with the Stones playing at US Bank Stadium on October 24, 2021. It was a great success that wrapped up one of the final appearances of the Rolling Stones.

The show started with the opening act by the Black Pumas. They had a half-hour opening of R&B and soul music. The Black Pumas were great live; they had great vocals and with a combination of complementary background singers as well, they had a better performance live than the Rolling Stones based solely on singing.

The Stones played multiple big hits such as “Paint it Black” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Although all of the members are in their 70s, they were still able to put on an exciting show. They implemented the lights and smoke machines well on the important parts of the show such as guitar solos and encores. Mick Jagger, as always, had an endless amount of energy as he would run up and down the stage while yelling out their songs.

Charlie Watts, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, died in the past year and the band did a tribute to him during the concert. They brought the band together and talked about him dying and the loss his death was to the band. He was an essential member that kept the band together for so many years.

Even as someone generations younger than the majority of the audience and with the few songs I knew of the Rolling Stones coming in, the concert was an incredible experience especially with the surrounding circumstances of it being their last tour. The visuals were great as they utilized the big screen incredibly well, they incorporated the audience by starting chants, and they reflected on their careers and history within Minnesota.

The encore was incredible, as the Rolling Stones played “Gimme Shelter” and one of the background singers from the Black Pumas sang Darlene Love’s part of the song. She and Mick Jagger went to the outer platform of the stage and sang together. Her vocals were the best of the night as she did not miss a note.