The new season of succession does not disappoint


Courtesy of Tech radar

The Roy family going into season three.

Succession is a dark, comedy drama that will bring laughs and shock at the same time. With the first season releasing in 2018, and the second in 2019, the third season is now here on HBO Max.
Throughout the first two seasons, you get to know the Roy family––a family that struggles to stick together despite their immense wealth. The family tends to be in shambles, whether it’s drama going on within the company or with the children of Logan Roy played by Brian Cox. The children of Logan are Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), Siobhan Roy (Sarah Snook), and Connor Roy (Alan Ruck). With the four children fighting for some hold on power of the company throughout the seasons, starts the struggle of who Logan is going to give the company to when he dies. Along with the children fighting to gain power comes the board of directors and other people somehow related to Logan such as Greg (Nicholas Braun). Greg is the dummy of the show who brings Will Ferrell’s, an executive producer of the show, jokes to life throughout the series.

In season one, more and more characters are getting added to the family’s wealth such as Soibhan Roy’s new husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen). Trouble starts to happen when Logan has a stroke and everyone is trying to plan who is going to take over the company when he actually passes. Kendall is the second main character with mental struggles. Throughout his life, he has struggled with drug dependency and his ghosts have come back to haunt him from the past. His past struggles have also affected the reputation of the Roy family and Waystar Royco company.

With Kendall leaving the family, it creates a lot of unresolved drama in season two, which ends up continuing into season three. With more information about a certain scandal coming out and Kendall being the one leaking all of it causes a legal war between him and his family. With no one on his side, he has to recruit Greg, which neither side wants. Kendall soon realizes that Greg isn’t even worth keeping on his team, so he kind of just weans him out of everything and leaves Greg with nowhere to go except back to Waystar. Kendall realizes that he isn’t going to win the legal battle anymore due to Waystar being a fortune 500 company. He decides to back off and tries to leave everything behind like nothing had happened and rejoin his family.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes dark, comedy dramas. The show may be serious at times, but you can count on getting at least a couple laughs in every episode due to Will Ferrell’s jokes that he writes into the script.