Facebook is under some serious Regulation

Facebook is under some serious scrutiny regarding their knowledge of the effects that their platform will have on younger generations’ mental health. Facebook knowing, and even worse, hiding their information and research about teenagers is unacceptable.

Facebook is now called ‘Meta’. This seems honestly really fake to just rebrand right after they were just exposed. I think Meta (formerly Facebook) has done an awful job of actually addressing and handling the actions they have been accused and proved guilty of. These accusations are about how social media makes the younger female generations think negatively of themselves. The research has been presented in front of Congress and Meta has made no alterations to their platform.

Since Meta has decided to recreate themselves, they should be able to recreate the way their program sends out information. They are known for taking the posts you like, repost, or even spend time on, and showing you things that are similar. This is fine, until it becomes mentally and physically unhealthy. They have programs that control what shows up on your page and often these are negative posts and advertisements. This program should not be in place. Fake news and information is also present through this program, and that is even worse. Though the increased clicks on posts and advertisements is good for the company, it is awful for the people clicking on these false posts.

Another big thing that Meta is doing is creating a virtual reality world. It is more than a video game, it’s your whole life in virtual reality. You can hangout with your friends, go to work, and purchase anything you want, without having to leave the comfort of your home. I think this is horrible, doing this will affect the whole of the human population. The people staying home will become unhealthy and poorly functioning members of society. The people that choose to not participate in this new VR world will still be affected and, by association, forced to participate. For example, if your coworkers choose to attend a meeting through VR and you are at the office, you are indirectly affected by this new “Metaverse.”

The whole population will be affected by Mark Zuckerberg’s new Metaverse and his lack of action regarding mental health during the formative years of the people on his platform. I think it is a true shame that Meta couldn’t address and handle these claims, afterall, the population being affected is the future of our country and world, so maybe some attention is due.