“Lupin”: a mysterious must-watch


Courtesy of IMDb

Official poster for the new, mystery-filled Netflix TV show, “Lupin”.

“Lupin” is a French thriller that has been translated into English and is accessible on Netflix. The show is a must watch in my opinion because of the great storyline and how the show develops.

The story revolves around Assane Diop, a French mastermind. Diop has revolved his life around the book: “Arsène Lupin”, “Gentleman Burglar” and has become very good at stealing. Diop uses disguises, along with tactics such as pick pocketing and rationale to quickly overcome his adversaries. These tactics make it very fun to watch because of how satisfying it is to see Diop be so sly and very successful.

The show is a mystery following Diop’s dad and a jewel necklace that he was accused of stealing. Diop finds out that his dad was not the real burglar around 30 years later. He wants to clear his dad’s name and in doing so, expose the owner, Hubert Pelligrini, for framing his dad and collecting the insurance on them. In doing this, Diop discovers many corruptions in the police system, in which many officers are sheep to Pelligrini. Eventually, Diop gets to the point of putting his own family at risk of Pelligrini’s wrath in order to expose him. As the show progresses, we become more frustrated with the obstacles Diop faces and how at every point when you think there will be a major breakthrough, Pelligrini manages to stop it.

“Lupin” takes on two storylines: Diop in the present and Diop in his teenage years. There are flashbacks to his childhood multiple times every episode that usually give some context as to what will happen next and his earlier life of burglary. Most of the time in his childhood he is caught for his actions and disciplined as well, but in the present, he is almost flawless in his stealing. It’s interesting to see how Diop progresses as a character and as a burglar because of these flashbacks.

The cinematography is one aspect of the show that makes it so fascinating to watch. There are so many scenes that go very smoothly because of the placement of the cameras. For example, there are many scenes in which someone is being pick pocketed and here we see the camera pan from the hand of Diop as he slyly puts his hands in the coat of his victim while bumping into them.

I highly recommend “Lupin” because it’s a very satisfying show that keeps viewers returning as the story unfolds. One warning I have, however, is that because it was translated from French, the mouthing of words is off like in the show Squid Game as well. If you can get past that, you will have no regrets watching the show. This show continuously exposes more information and yet this makes it harder for Diop to expose Pelligrini and clear his father’s name. “Lupin” recently came out with season two and I can assure you that the craziness continues.