Adele’s new single ‘Easy on Me’ is a hit


Adele, Melted Stone, Columbia Records

Adele’s new single was another example of how she never misses.

On October 15th, Adele released the first song of her upcoming album, set to be released in November. The song is titled ‘Easy on Me’ and it dives into Adele’s feelings since her divorce from Simon Konecki in March of 2021. The song is written from the perspective of Adele writing to her son, Angelo, and the way she wants him to react to the divorce.

Although this song seems to be a bit more upbeat compared to some of her previous work, the theme of the song is still heavy, but with a sense of hope. In the chorus Adele says, “Go easy on me baby, I was still a child.” This line is an essential part of the song because she is asking for forgiveness from her son. She says she was still a child, referencing her age and experience when she decided to get married. Her ability to give such comprehensible reasons for her former relationship not working out while still making the song flow is extraordinary and very specific to Adele. The lyric, “We are both so deeply stuck in our ways, you can’t deny how hard I have tried,” begins to broaden the song’s audience. So many people want to make relationships work and do everything in their power to stay together, but sometimes, people truly aren’t meant to be together. Adele wanted to stay with her ex-husband so her son could have a united family, but she realized that ultimately seeing his mother love and be loved the right way is more important.

Along with Adele’s striking lyrics, her range and ability to show emotion through her voice is an essential aspect of what makes this song so striking. A very defining part that stands out to me is when Adele shows off her iconic voice when singing the, “easy,” whenever she sings the chorus. When she does the riffs, you can feel how badly she still wants to be a role model for her son and how she hopes he can be forgiving. Despite going through something very hard, Adele is still hopeful to put her marriage behind her and begin to focus on herself in order to be better for her son. The combination of this song’s touching lyrics and her heart-wrenching voice makes this song perfect to learn every word of, and blast on nighttime car rides with your friends.