Timeless TV shows that are still worth your while

Early seasons of the office, shows the main characters of the show.

As the years have passed, old shows that were extremely popular in their prime have just faded away. People tend to forget how good these shows are and how much they liked them when they first watched them.

One show that has kind of been forgotten about is “Breaking Bad”. “Breaking Bad” shows the story of a high school chemistry teacher that finds out he has lung cancer. Walter White soon realizes that he won’t have enough money to provide for his family, so he begins to try to find other means of making money. Walter finds one of his old students who he knows is a meth cook/dealer. They get in contact and begin forming a relationship, which eventually results in them making major profits from their dealings. As his life/battle with cancer continues throughout the seasons, Walter just keeps getting himself into a deeper hole with the drug game. This show continues to pull you in every episode by getting you interested on how Walter will get himself out of this tricky situation at the end of the episode. “Breaking Bad” fits into a lot of different genres such as dark comedy, drama, crime film, and suspense. You can stream “Breaking Bad” on Netflix.

“The Office” is an overall classic with many people watching it and rewatching it multiple times. Throughout the nine seasons, the series shows how Dunder Mifflin is basically a family and gives a view on how they grew together. Michael Scott is the boss of everyone, and he feels like everyone is his own family. Michael Scott kind of acts clueless and doesn’t understand some of the simple things. His cluelessness adds to the funny side of the show and gives the viewers something to laugh at. After many years of being streamed on Netflix, their contract finally expired and was not renewed, removing “The Office” from Netflix. “The Office” can be streamed on Peacock as of last year, and it most closely fits into the genre of sitcoms.

“Arrested Development” is a comedy that shows Micheal Bluth (played by Jason Bateman) struggling to keep his family together after their father goes away to prison, due to him shifting around financial accounts to make it look like they are making more than they truly are. All of the family’s assets are frozen, which creates pure panic in the family and the rest of the family struggles to remain sane. Micheal tries to sort how everyone will live with not having the same amount of money they once had. Family members start getting desperate and even start finding weird jobs just to make a little bit of money. “Arrested Development” can relate to “The Office” with the same sense of humor that is almost guaranteed to get viewers laughing. “Arrested Development” can be categorized under the genres sitcom and comedy, and can be streamed on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.