New fashion trends monopolize the BSM halls

Leather pants are a BSM staple among girls.

Fashion is the ongoing self-expression of one’s character. Through the halls of Benilde-St. Margaret’s, you can find new trends of emerging popularity and returning trends from years past.

With trends such as Air Force 1 shoes, tie-dye, and skinny jeans becoming less popular, students look to popularize new trends. This year, with changes to the dress code and being back in person full-time, each student continues to develop their style.

A trend that has returned from last year and dominated the style scene is claw clips; they hold a lot of hair with minimal effort and are very versatile. Trendsetters like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have helped popularize the ever-present hair accessory in the 1990s. “There are so many different colors and shapes…to make your outfit more fun,” junior Ellie Krusemark said

Aside from jeans, different styles of pants have made an impression on the styles of those at BSM, one of the many new trends being leather pants. Leather pants gained popularity in the 1960s, and while cuts and fits have changed, they haven’t gone out of style. BSM caught the leather pant fashion trend through the Aritzia ‘Melina Pant.’ “I have seen many girls this school year wearing leather pants. [They’ve] made their appearances throughout the BSM hallways in an array of colors,” Krusemark said.

This year there’s also been an emphasis on fashion from the early 2000s. While high-waisted jeans are still prevalent in BSM fashion, low-rise jeans have also made a comeback. Many people have drawn inspiration from TV shows such as Gilmore Girls. “I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing low rise jeans, and flare pants a lot more,” sophomore Annabelle Nicholson said.

And although not a new trend, leggings have been a staple in many people’s wardrobes. With new changes to the dress code, people are less afraid to wear this comfortable staple. In the theme of athleisure, colorful sweatpants have made their debut through the halls. “A go-to outfit I wear when I am out of options is sweats. I normally will wear a pair of colored sweatpants and a fun sweatshirt and dress it up with jewelry,” Krusemark said.

Shoes can make or break your outfit, which is why white sneakers have been an essential part of a high school student’s wardrobe. “I think the trend this year is white shoes and not only wearing running shoes,” junior Carsen Brandt said.