The Tomorrow War––don’t knock it till you try it



Sci-fi fan or not, consider giving The Tomorrow War a chance.

Over the last year, new movies being released on streaming platforms has gotten increasingly more popular. Watching movies in the comfort of your own home has started to become what most people prefer over going to the theaters. One movie that reassured this preference is The Tomorrow War, which was released on Amazon Prime Video on July 2, 2021.

In The Tomorrow War, the main character Dan Forester is played by Chris Pratt. The movie is categorized as a Sci-Fi movie, but doesn’t seem to present itself like a sci-fi movie until later in the film. The movie starts off with Dan Forester on a phone call and about to walk into his family’s house for a Christmas party. Everything seems fine at the party until they start watching the soccer game between Brazil and another country. An army from the future comes back in time and lands on the field that Brazil is playing on––they did this because they knew everyone would be watching the world cup.

At this point in the movie, Dan and everyone else in the world is shocked on how this is happening and confused about the event. The general from the future army tells them that there is a war happening in 2051 and they need volunteers to help fight. So, a draft begins to help recruit soldiers for the future war and Dan Forester is drafted. He is still confused by what is going on, as is everyone else. The general from the future won’t even tell any of the new recruits what type of enemy they are going to be fighting, thinking that they would all drop out if they knew what they were fighting.

Most of the new soldiers are untrained civilians, except for Dan and a couple more people in his unit who are ex-military members. Once they are briefed on what they have to do in their first mission, they get prepared and ready to travel to the year 2051. Within minutes stuff has gone wrong on their first mission. Dan doesn’t know what to do, as he is flying through the air 50 feet above ground. This results in almost half of his squad dying before they even have a chance to fight. Dan, along with some of his closer new friends, are the lucky ones that land in a pool. They then start out on completing the main objective: finding a lab that holds key information to beat their enemy.

As they get closer and closer to the lab, they find who their true enemy is: a bunch of aliens that can shoot lethal spikes out of their hands. The entire squad is afraid, but they know what they have to do to try and save the past so they can have a better future. After retrieving the vials, Dan and his squad must get out of the lab, but not after the aliens wipe out half of his squad.

As the movie progresses Dan realizes that he doesn’t have much time left to live in the war, so he and his squad go back home. Once the squad goes home they figure out how to kill the aliens before they attack in 2051. They end up finding the right location, find the alien spaceship, and go to work on it. One alien and it’s up to Dan and his father to get it or the rest of humanity would be screwed with one left roaming around.

I really liked this movie, which is surprising because I don’t usually like Sci-Fi movies. The beginning starts off a little bit slow, but as the movie continued, it pulled me in more. The best part of the movie was the ending because it connects to the beginning where Dan thought he was going to have a normal life. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes Sci-Fi movies or people who don’t like Sci-Fi movies because I gave it a shot and ended up liking it a lot.