Outdoor homecoming has students left with mixed feelings


Brook Wenande

This year BSM will host the majority of homecoming outside around campus.

Due to COVID-19, there was no homecoming at Benilde-St. Margrets in the 2020-2021 school year. This year students are very excited to be getting back on the dance floor. However, there are some changes to the dance this year that have students asking questions about homecoming.

The 2021-2022 BSM homecoming will be held outside of the school. This has left many students skeptical about things such as: weather, the concrete potentially hurting feet, the music not being as loud, and the lighting not being as cool. In prior years, homecoming at BSM would usually take place in the Great Hall––an indoor gym. The lights would be off, strobe lights would be projected, and there would be a DJ playing music. Students are worried that the lights and music may not reflect as well and the excitement might just not be the same. “If they are going to have a homecoming, they should have it the right way,” senior Sam Monk said.

A big part of homecoming is the energy that is produced when students come together in the great hall. It’s difficult to predict how the energy will translate outside of the great hall, and some students already have concerns. “The energy will not be the same because the music won’t be as loud with no walls,” senior Teddy Madden said.

Although the conditions for this year’s homecoming are not ideal on many fronts––unpredictable lighting and music, potentially a lack of energy, girls possibly being cold in their dresses with uncertainty in the weather––students are excited to have a homecoming. While change is never easy, homecoming is one of the most pivotal and anticipated nights of high school for many, so getting the chance to have a homecoming is special nonetheless. “I am excited to go in a group to homecoming and make the best of the dance because I just want to have a fun night,” senior Maddie Shannon said.