Get to know the faces behind all things ‘Kittens’


John Hick

Bailey Skahan and Cassi Gonyea work hard on the bench during the girls’ soccer game.

Many people know about the girls’ soccer team, but most don’t realize the work that goes on behind the scenes by managers Bailey Skahan and Cassi Gonyea.

Skahan and Gonyea have been attending BSM since 7th grade, and played soccer every year until their senior year. They decided to quit because of the lack of spots on this year’s varsity team. Despite not playing soccer this year they didn’t want to completely give it up, thus coming to the decision to manage the squad. “I’ve played soccer at BSM for five years, I’m friends with the captains, and have always enjoyed watching soccer,” Gonyea said.

Many would assume managing a high school soccer team doesn’t come with a lot of responsibility, but that isn’t the case at BSM. On game days, Skahan and Gonyea are responsible for various aspects of preparing the team. Responsibilities and difficulty levels range from hyping up the team before games, taking numerous videos, running the Twitter account, setting up drills for the team warm up, and carrying the equipment and cooler.

The BSM girls’ soccer team is known for posting entertaining tweets, which is a role Skahan and Gonyea take very seriously. Before becoming managers Gonyea and Skahan were informed of the pressure that would be placed on their shoulders to make these tweets captivating. They are often caught brainstorming the wording for a tweet ten minutes after the goal has been scored and occasionally miss other aspects of the game because they are so determined to provide invigorating tweets. The pair have also shared a notes document on their phones where they write down their good ideas when off duty, always brainstorming ways to keep their 620 followers on the edge of their seats. “Morgan Anderson was named ‘best tweets of the year’ in 2019 by the Girls Soccer League, and Bailey and I are trying to live up to that title,” Gonyea said.

The team has been a great way for Skahan and Gonyea to get involved in a sport they love without actually having to participate athletically. The dream of these two organized and hardworking managers is to make it to the state tournament. “Going to the U.S. Bank Stadium for the State tournament would be so exciting and definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Gonyea said.