All eyes are on BSM football this fall


Sullivan Lawrence

Red Knights storm onto the field to take on the Chaska Hawks.

After the varsity football team went 4-3 last year, they are looking forward to a bright season ahead with captains Brady Wine, Daniel Porisch, and Ryan Sever. The varsity football team also has a new head coach Sean McMenomy, and BSM is even allowing a student section and fans to attend games.

Junior player William Frattalone is hyped about the chemistry that is being shown throughout the team. “The team chemistry on and off the field is pretty solid. We have been trying to figure out the team which has caused some fighting but I know we will figure it out eventually,” Frattalone said.

Captain Ryan Sever is loving the team bonding on and off the field. The boys spend their weeks practicing, lifting, watching film, and having team dinners. The boys need to have chemistry in order to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. “These guys are like my second family, and I think they will all say the same thing if you were to ask them,” Sever said.

The boys welcomed new head coach Sean McMenomy. McMenomy previously coached for the De La salle Islanders with a solid record of 62-18; their team played in five State tournaments and took second place in the Class 4A Prep Bowl. McMenomy also coached in Oregon prior to coming to BSM, but decided to make the move back to Minnesota this summer to take over the Red Knights. ”He brings a lot of energy and excellent assistant coaches to the program that keep the excitement up every day,” Sever said.

Frattalone sees potential in the football team and is excited to see what the football team brings this year. “I think the new football coach is a very good guy. I like his enthusiasm about football, the whole program just needs to make a comeback,” Frattalone said.

Although the football team is 0-4 right now, their defense is holding up. “The team’s defense looks really good right now. Our defense has a lot of talent and some big playmakers that contribute to the team,” Frattalone said.

This year, BSM is allowing the students and fans to attend football games. The Student Section and the rest of fans give vital energy to the stadium that can dictate how the athletes play. “What makes this year of football so much better is that we are allowed to have a student section and all of our family members and fans can attend,” Frattalone said.

In 2016, the Red knights football team won the state AAAA Championship with an outstanding season. The boys hope to accomplish their goal of winning state once again, and believe they have the potential to make it to the US Bank Stadium. “My hope for this year’s football season is to play in the US bank stadium and to win a state championship with my boys,” Frattalone said.