The Return of Wellness


Photo Courtesy of Karter Donovan

Wellness students enjoy a fun game of volleyball as a a productive mental and physical escape from academic activities.

This year, students are offered Wellness, a class that was taken away due to schedule changes. Wellness is a class where students can get outside and be active during their BSM hour on a delegated day of the week.

In the 2020-2021 school year, Wellness was taken away. Many, but not all, students liked this change because it allowed them to have a free period every day instead of another class. Having a free period allows students to work on homework, socialize, or leave the building until their next class, though there are overlooked benefits to having a weekly wellness class. “Wellness can be an important way to make connections and to work on physical and mental health in a productive and healthy way,” Wellness teacher Casey Hanson said.

Wellness gives an opportunity for students to get outside and be active during their day. Students can learn about important physical and nutritional values, as well as play new sports that they might end up liking. Another factor of having wellness is that because it is an active class, students can be social during the hour and talk to new people in their class. Mr. Hanson is glad to have Wellness back for students, as he believes it’s a crucial part of a student’s day/week. “As a college prep school it is important to teach healthy ways to cope and deal with stress. We want students to have the tools going forward to understand the importance of balance in one’s life,” Hanson said.

We want students to have the tools going forward to understand the importance of balance in one’s life.

— Casey Hanson

Mr. Hanson feels that Wellness is a great way for students to get out and take a break during the day. If it were up to him, students would have a Wellness class five days a week. Hanson has some good ideas for expanding wellness as well as adding new classes, “There are several that we would like to expand on: ropes course, exercise science, nutrition (cooking), student choice class (you pick),” Hanson said.

There are a variety of opinions on the usefulness of Wellness class. Some students see and appreciate the benefits, but others aren’t the biggest fans of the returning class. “Sophomores should have Wellness, but juniors and seniors should have free periods to have more time to prepare for college and work on homework,” senior Kieran Wickner said.

Overall, students like to have Wellness and enjoy getting outside, or having a class to relax once a week. Many students had some creative ideas that would be additions to the 2022-2023 school year. Maybe Red Knights will see a variety of new classes and teachers for Wellness classes next year!