Meet the Red Knight: Freshman Hannah Antonio

Freshman Hannah Antonio hopes to go to med school.

Where do you want to be in 15 years?
“My goal is to go to med school. So in 15 years, I would’ve just finished residency, so I’d probably be in my main focus for whatever I choose to do, whether it’s an OB-GYN or whatever. Hopefully in that field.”

What talent do you find unique or important to you?
“Handling certain situations in a good way and making the best decisions.”

Describe your childhood in 4 words.
“It was pretty simple, it was pretty carefree, it was pretty social, and there was a lot of reading, so educational.”

Who is your hero, and why?
“My mom. She’s who I look up to be because she is the foundation for all my goals and who I work to make proud. She is really independent, smart,  and she is also a doctor; she’s an OBGYN too, so she’s who I look up to be.”

What is an item you bring with you everywhere, besides a cell phone?
“I have this necklace that [my mom] gave to me for my birthday, and it’s just a good luck thing. I always wear it.”

What makes you laugh?
“My friends. My best friend, her name is Ashley Black, she’s also a freshman. Just being around people like that makes me genuinely happy––people similar to me who understand me.”

Are you someone that wants someone to spoil the end of a show or movie for you?
“Yeah, not all of it but at least a little.”

What is your least favorite fast food chain?
“I think Mcdonald’s is a little overrated, but it’s not my least favorite.”

What fast food chain is your favorite?
“Jimmy Johns.”