Wakesurfing proves to be a fun summer activity


Brook Wenande

Junior Addie Kelly is ready for a summer full of wakesurfing on Lake Minnetonka.

Mason Wordelman, Writer

Wakesurfing is a popular summer activity for many students at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Some students are familiar with the sport, while others who live farther from popular lakes or do not have boats are not so familiar.

Senior Jackson Leischow has a boat on Lake Minnetonka. He describes what wakesurfing is. “Wakesurfing is when you surf a small wave behind a boat. You use small surfboards or skimboards. You can use a rope or no rope once you get better,” Leischow said.

The wave used to surf has to be made by a unique boat that specializes in wake surfing. Standard speed boats cannot make a big enough wave to surf. “You generally need a wake setter boat, meaning a boat that can be filled up with water in the back that creates a big enough wave to surf. The propeller is also in the middle of the boat rather than the back, making it safe as you are close to the boat,” Leischow said.

Lake Minnetonka is a popular surfing spot because it’s so close to the Twin Cities. “I wakesurf on Lake Minnetonka, usually in the Orono bays. I also like venturing out and surfing in other parts of the lake though,” Leischow said.

Wakesurfing is fairly easy to learn. If you have someone who knows what they are doing and gives you a few small tips, you most likely learn in a day.

— Brad Little

Sophomore Brad Little also has a boat on Lake Minnetonka and surfs almost every day in the summer. He describes why he likes wake surfing so much. “I love wake surfing. It is the ideal summer activity. It is laid back compared to other water sports, making it possible to surf all day. Having family and friends on the boat and participating is also really fun,” Little said.

Little is familiar with the lake and has been wakesurfing for a little while now. “I have been wakesurfing for a few years now. I started on a friend’s boat before I got my own on Grays Bay in Wayzata a few years ago,” Little said.

Wakesurfing is something that most people can learn in a short period of time. “Wakesurfing is fairly easy to learn. If you have someone who knows what they are doing and gives you a few small tips, you can most likely learn in a day,” Little said.