Meet the Red Knight: Senior Will Petty


Alexis Brixius

Senior Will Petty despises Chipotle because the rice is overcooked and the meat is nasty.

Where do you want to be in 15 years?
“I want to be living in North Carolina as a psychologist. No family and no wife in 15 years. Eventually I will, but just not 15 years from now.”

What talent do you find unique or important to you?
“I’m very good at reading people’s emotions and expressions if that’s a talent. I’m very good at that. I can see it in the facial expressions, and I can feel how they’re feeling a little bit after I read their facial expressions. I’m very good at helping people and comforting them.”

Describe your childhood in 4 words.
“Fun, crazy, long, adventurous.”

Who is your hero, and why?
“My hero is my auntie because she does a lot with herself and always makes things work with a little bit. We are super close. One example of how she inspires me is she helped this woman buy an apartment with a super low credit score, and she just figured out a way to do it. She doesn’t even do stuff like that for her job or anything; she just wanted to help.”

What is an item you bring with you everywhere, besides a cell phone?
“My wallet.”

What makes you laugh?
“People falling and doing stupid stuff.”

Are you someone that wants someone to spoil the end of a show or movie for you?
“No, I do not wanna know what happens at the end of a show or movie. It defeats the purpose of watching if I already know what’s going to happen in the end.”

What is your least favorite fast food chain?
“Chipotle. That food is just disgusting, and it is not good at all. The rice is overcooked; the meat is nasty.”

What fast food chain is your favorite?
“Leeann Chin is my favorite because I really like Chinese food, and they do a really good job seasoning their meat.”