Morgan Wallen’s New Album ‘Dangerous’ Tops the Charts

Morgan Wallen tops the charts with new album, Dangerous.

Dangerous Album Cover, Big Loud, Fair Use

Morgan Wallen tops the charts with new album, Dangerous.

Singer-songwriter Morgan Wallen has done it again with his newest album Dangerous: The Double Album released on January 8, 2021. The album has 30 songs and a bonus of two more songs that were dropped just 21 days after the album was released.

Although Wallen has been very successful in the past couple of years, he had a rough start. Wallen appeared on The Voice in 2014. He did not win the season, but he did get a start and soon was signed to his first record deal with Big Loud Records. With this deal, he released his first ever song “The Way I Talk” which soon grew to reach number 30 on the charts. From then on, Wallen has been flooded with copious amounts of success.

Since his first song dropped in 2016, Wallen has released two albums, seven singles, and one EP. Wallen’s most recent album Dangerous: The Double Album has made a lasting effect on the country music industry. Wallen’s album was the first to stay on the Billboard 200 for eight consecutive weeks, gathering over eight million dollars in revenue.

Wallen is known for writing songs surrounding heartbreak, and this is shown in the first song of his album, “Sand in My Boots.” This song is about Wallen being heartbroken when a girl from his vacation doesn’t go home with him. This tone of grief continues in the proceeding song, called “Wasted on You,” which is about his heartbreak and not being able to get over his ex.

The tone of the album switches at the song “Somebody’s Problem” when Wallen sings about the hope of finding the perfect girl. Wallen continues with the theme of hope with the song “More Surprised Than Me” which describes how Wallen is surprised he was able to find a girl that is perfect in every way.

The tone of the first half of the album is continuously switching back and forth between heartbreak and finding the perfect partner. The second half of the album is much more upbeat, surrounding Wallen’s experience of growing up in and his lifestyle. The second half of the album starts with the song “Still Goin Down” which talks about growing up in a small southern town. The theme of growing up in the country continues throughout the album until “Heartless” and the last two songs of the album: “Livin the Dream” and “Quittin’ Time.” These last three songs talk about heartbreak, dealing with fame, and the end of a journey.

Not only did Wallen release the double album, but he released two bonus songs shortly after called “This Side of a Dust Cloud” and “Bandaid on a Bullet Hole.” Both songs are also about heartbreak.

Overall, the double album has a great balance of heartbreak and upbeat songs. This is an album that can be played wherever and whenever. There are songs for every situation, and I have no doubt that Wallen’s album will continue to be on repeat throughout the summer.