Seniors prepare for their first (and only) Prom


Sophie Melsness

Senior girls scramble to find prom dresses online.

Piper Ehlen, Staff Writer

May 8 creeps up on the senior class fast as they prepare for their first prom night. Prom organizers and students scramble to finalize plans, dates, and outfits. Seniors have mixed emotions regarding the upcoming prom but are overall looking forward to the night of Fire and Ice.

The overall set-up of prom differs from previous years. The venue, food, people, time, and dance plans have altered in regards to COVID-19. However, seniors keep a positive attitude towards all the changes and try to make the most of it. “We will be in the ROC, which I think will be pretty sweet…I heard there will be taco trucks which should be great. I think it is pretty sweet that we have tables and heard that they are free–ranged which will be nice,” senior Danny Miller said.

Additionally, in a recent KE survey in regards to prom, 76% of the 21 BSM seniors who responded said they had a prom dress or suit ready to go over a week prior to prom. However, prom organizer Ms. Mary Fran O’Keefe worries about attendance. “I’d like more kids to sign up to go,” O’Keefe said.

I am more excited about prom than other dances because I haven’t been to a dance in over a year, and I’m looking forward to it.”

— Danny Miller

Two days before the deadline to sign up for prom tickets, only 60 seniors had signed up. Luckily by Wednesday, the number bumped up to about 150. The administration decided last-minute to allow a select number of juniors to attend the prom, so they can reach the maximum number of 220.

As prom is now less than a week away, people are starting to worry about the weather for Saturday night. As of now, the forecast predicts a high of 54º F and rain showers. “I am not looking forward to the potential cold weather. I heard it may be pretty cold and wearing a dress in the cold is not going to be comfortable,” senior Lucy Hanson said.

Seniors are overall excited to attend their first (and last) prom. “I am more excited about prom than other dances because I haven’t been to a dance in over a year, and I’m looking forward to it,” Miller said.

O’Keefe thinks this prom is a gift for the seniors and that they should enjoy what they are given. “I think the fact that the seniors can all be together and have some music and some food is a good thing, and [they] have never experienced prom before,” O’Keefe said.