Meet the Red Knight: Junior Bailey Skahan


Lauren Hawkinson

Junior Bailey Skahan has a talent in cup stacking.

Where do you want to be in 15 years?
“In 15 years, I will be 29 and I hope to be married or engaged. I hope to have a job that I am happy with. I also wish that traveling will be a main hobby of mine and to still have the desire to explore and find new adventures.”

What talent do you find unique or important to you?
“In middle school when we had the gym unit of cup stacking I was really good at it. I had never practiced before, but I was somehow freaky fast at it.”

Describe your childhood to me in 4 words.
“Peaceful. Traditions. Pure. Memorable.”

Who is your hero, and why?
“My hero is Jane Goodall because she went against the norms of science and led to many great discoveries. She changed our understanding of chimpanzees: one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. To this day, she spreads awareness about protecting the rights of every living creature.”

What is an item you bring with you everywhere, besides a cell phone?
“An item I bring with me everywhere is my water bottle. It has a time tracker on it so I can track how much water I drink in a day.”

What makes you laugh?
“Many things make me laugh… It is not hard to make me laugh but the things that make me laugh the most are my friends, my family and New Girl.”

Are you someone that wants someone to spoil the end of a show or movie for you?
“I am most definitely not a person that wants someone to spoil the end of a show for me. I am a fan of surprises and I wouldn’t be interested in the show if I knew what would happen.”

What is your least favorite fast-food chain, and why? What fast-food chain is your favorite?
“My least favorite fast-food chain is White Castle: the chicken rings are the only half-decent thing on the menu. And my absolute favorite fast-food chain is McDonald’s because they provide all meals of the day and they have a wide variety of food options.”