Girls lacrosse prepares for spring season in the shadow of COVID


Theresa DeCesare

Lacrosse players work out at Fortis Academy to get ready for their season.

As spring approaches, the BSM Girls’ lacrosse program prepares for the upcoming season while following COVID guidelines.

Girls lacrosse players of all ages are able to train three times a week at Fortis Academy. In addition to these training sessions, captain practices will begin to start two times a week and there will be one scrimmage per week. Since the lacrosse season was cancelled last year, returning players are very eager to start the season up and get to work. “We are doing our best at keeping things normal; I am most excited to just get back on the field with my team,” senior captain Piper Ehlen said.

Face masks and social distancing is mandatory at all lacrosse practices; however, as the weather warms up and practices are able to be held outside, there are hopes that some of the COVID guidelines can be adjusted. Wearing a mask indoors while running has been proven to be quite difficult and problematic for the lacrosse players. “We are lucky enough to be an outdoor sport and therefore have more leniency with restrictions. Indoor sports require a mask and during our Fortis workouts we have to wear masks the whole time. Wearing a mask indoors while exercising and running is quite difficult,” senior captain Xela Gunvalson said.

We have done so much last year to prepare for this season. I am excited to fiddle with our potential and see how much we can take off running.

— Xela Gunvalson

Despite the challenges faced with the COVID restrictions, the lacrosse players work hard at every workout and keep a positive attitude. The training offers an opportunity for younger players to prepare for high school level lacrosse and become acquainted with the upperclassmen players. “I think we will be very good this year. There are many young players who have a lot of talent, it may be slightly difficult at the start because a lot of the younger players may lack experience but once we find our groove and learn how we each play, I think we will have a very successful season,” captain junior Tilly Wolfe said.

Due to the cancelled season last year, players are even more determined to have a successful season. With a talented group of returning players and a new wave of skilled younger players, the BSM Girls’ lacrosse program is predicted to have a thriving season. “We have done so much last year to prepare for this season. I am excited to fiddle with our potential and see how much we can take off running. Seeing the BSM Women’s lacrosse program grow from when I was in 7th grade is amazing,” Gunvalson said.