Taher’s chicken fried steak and cookies reign supreme among student diners


Nick Marinaro

Taher offers students a wide variety of favorites.

Lunch can make or break your school day. Taher serves a variety of different lunches and snacks to keep students fueled throughout the day. Are all the lunches good? Are there any desserts that students love? What’s the best beverage available? Is there anything students wish they offered? To answer these questions we sent out a survey to students and interviewed respondents.

According to the survey, students’ favorite meals are waffles, spaghetti, and chicken wings. However, one meal reigned supreme above all: chicken fried steak. “It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the chicken fried steak supreme. All I know is that I’ve had it every first Thursday of the month that I’ve been at school, and I always look forward to it,” senior Thomas Libbey said.

The favorite dessert by a long shot was cookies; over 50% of respondents picked the infamous Taher cookies. Taher offers a sugar cookie and a chocolate chip cookie. “They have great consistency and the perfect chocolate to cookie ratio,” junior Brady Wine said.

Over 20% of students surveyed agreed that water was the best drink and the runner up, smoothies, had 15% of the vote, followed by Arizona Iced Tea with 12% of the vote. “Water is the superior drink for hydration and it doesn’t contain anything unhealthy. Water is key for peak performance,” senior Nick Marinaro said.

When the students were asked what they wished Taher offered, some had very strong opinions on where they thought Taher was lacking. One popular complaint was how students feel that Taher is very overpriced. Students also wish for more options that are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and organic. One student came up with a great Idea to have a meal recommendation box.