The class of 2021 has experienced countless changes in their four years at BSM


2018 Yearbook

The class of 2021 has come a long way since freshman year.

Since the class of 2021 first arrived on campus, there have been plenty of changes to BSM as a whole. New areas of the school were built, such as the atrium and the cube, and the entire school system had to change due to the pandemic. Despite this, the most important changes are not visible at first glance. The most significant change was in the maturity and character of this resilient senior class.

It is safe to say that the class of 2021 was impacted the most by the pandemic. Getting half of their junior year taken away and having hybrid classes during their senior year, it would be easy to be cynical. But, when asked about the situation, most seniors stay optimistic and look forward to a better future. “Yeah covid is tough, and I’ll never get my senior year back…I learned a valuable lesson that anything can be taken away, I learned I have to deal with that. I’m sure it will help me in the future,” senior Simon Goodmanson said.

With the school year coming to an end, many seniors have their plans for the next year set. Most feel confident and eager to take the next step in their journey. They were not always this ready. In fact, most seniors were uneasy about going off to college until recently. “College is such a great opportunity, but it will be hard leaving everyone I know…As I got older the less I worried about it, and now I’m just ready to go,” senior Alexis Brixius said.

While BSM itself played a large role in preparing the class of 2021 for life, it was their own classmates that really helped them grow as people. Having good friends is vital to a good high school experience. They either push you towards trouble, or keep you away from it. “I feel like I got so lucky [going to BSM]…I love my friends, and we help each other be better people,” senior Sarah McGurl said.

Through their FOUR years together, the senior class overcame hardships successfully by working together. They kept each other in check and grew up as a family. BSM is proud and excited to see the great things they accomplish.