Some girls hockey players go virtual to preserve season


Theresa DeCesare

BSM girls’ varsity hockey players stay safe by following COVID guidelines and wearing masks to practice.

After a small COVID outbreak spread across the BSM girls’ Varsity hockey team, several of the players decided to transition to full virtual learning for the remainder of the quarter.

A handful of positive COVID tests caused the hockey season to be put on hold and required all varsity players to quarantine for a week. As a result, two games were cancelled and many players made the decision to learn virtually for the rest of the quarter. “I switched to all virtual learning so I have less exposure to the virus and I have a better chance at finishing the season. Also, it would decrease my chances of spreading the virus to my teammates,” junior Lily Mortenson said.

With the hockey season already shortened due to earlier COVID outbreaks, players are quite serious about protecting the rest of the season. As sections approach and the numbers of cases rise, players recognize that staying home would be the best option for them. “I decided to go all virtual in order to maintain my safety and the safety of my teammates so I can help preserve the rest of my season,” junior Emma Hoen said.

Despite the number of cases on the team and the increase of players learning from home, some players made the choice to continue going to school. Whether it’s because of hard classes or they have immunity, continuing to go to school was the most logical option for them. “I think learning face to face and in person is much easier for my personal learning type. Online, you are just sitting all day without a ton of motivation, but in the class you would be constantly reminded to keep working,” sophomore Annie Juckniess said.

Additionally, some players believe it is important to continue going to school due to the limited amount of time spent in person. Having the opportunity to go to school during these times has become a privilege, and players have realized how lucky they are for that opportunity. “I chose to go back to school really because of how restricted this year has already been. I wanted to take advantage of all possibilities of being face to face. We have masks on and socially distance in the classroom, so I don’t necessarily believe that most exposure comes from school,” Juckniess said.