Phone rules need to change


Julia Schwartz

Many students want to be able to use phones during free time at school.

Faculty and staff at Benilde-St. Margaret’s have been fighting the problem of students’ phone usage during school.

I have many friends from other schools who are allowed to have phones during the school day, but at BSM they are not allowed. However, kids still sneak their phones.

There are times during the school day where I find myself with nothing to do; my friends are in other classes, and you can no longer watch TV on your computer with BSM’s new WiFi restrictions. I think I should be allowed to use my phone during free hour, passing time, and lunch. I mean, isn’t lunch period a time to have for yourself and take a break from school work? Why can’t I take this time to go on my phone if I’m not distracting other students?

Teachers say that BSM doesn’t allow students to use phones in school for their own benefit because they’re too distracting, but in reality teenagers have to fight the urge to not go on their phones outside of school. For example, students have to learn not to look at their phones while driving, doing homework, etc. So why can’t we use them during the school day when we don’t have anything to do and learn to not be distracted by them during class?

BSM could also come up with rules during the school day, like it will be taken if you are on it during class. But I see no problem with taking it out during passing time as long as you aren’t late to class, but if you are there would be tardy punishments like detention or turning your phone to the school at the beginning of the day.

I also think that it should be a teacher preference if phones are allowed in their classroom. I’ve had teachers tell me that we can take our phones out when we are done with our work as long as other teachers don’t find out. I find that weird though because it is the teacher’s class. If a student knows they can use their phones after they’re done with classwork, it would motivate them to get their work done.

Overall, I see nothing wrong with taking my phone out as long as I’m not distracting myself, other students, or disrespecting teachers. Students would also understand that BSM would put in place rules and consequences if you don’t follow those rules, meaning that the privilege of using phones during the school day can be taken away.