Chess club offers competition and camaraderie


Jake Runman

BSM’s chess club competes for glory.

Chess is one of the world’s oldest and most cherished games. Its unique combination of strategy and creativity makes for a lifetime of fun. Chess is also a social game and great to play with a group of friends.

Junior Teddy Madden saw the game as a way to connect with people, and founded a new chess club at BSM. It is open to anyone that wants to join and they are looking for new members. “[Chess club] is half beginners and half people who have been playing for a while … anyone can join,” junior Andrew Lyons said.

In years past, BSM has had various chess clubs and there was a lot of equipment sitting in storage. Growing interest towards the game is really what prompted Madden to start it. What prompted this centuries-old game’s resurgence? Netflix’s “Queen’s Gambit” limited series is somewhat responsible for the resurgence of chess. Along with online chess services such as and free chess lectures on YouTube, the game has never been more accessible. Chess is also the most popular board game of all time and once people learn how to play, they rarely stop.

[Chess club] is half beginners and half people who have been playing for a while … anyone can join.

— Andrew Lyons

Chess is an easy game to learn and each meeting features a short lesson on strategy from Madden who is an experienced player with extensive amounts of experience and chess knowledge. It is his previous experience with the game that gave him the idea to create the club. “Coming form an elementary school that had one, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate it,” Madden said.

Chess is a game that always keeps players coming back. It is a rare game because it taps into both the player’s intellectual and problem solving capabilities, as well as his or her competitive nature. “Winning is a really good feeling, and even when you lose, you learn by every move,” Lyons said.

This combination of winning and learning makes chess a lifelong passion and hobby for many people. BSM now offers a great opportunity to practice and master this lifelong game and skill. The club is full of people who are wanting to get better and have a good time and they are always open to new members. Chess club is located in room 104, and they meet Mondays and Thursdays Jan-Mar, 2:30-3:30 pm.