Jersey Mikes offers a superior sub


James Callahan

A perfectly made Jerseys Mike’s Sub outshines its competitor, Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mike’s are two great options when looking for a sub. But I think Jimmy John’s is super overrated; I would way rather have a delicious Jersey Mike’s sub.

Obviously these two sub shops are extremely similar. They both offer almost all the same type of subs and drinks. But what differentiates Jersey Mike’s to Jimmy John’s is the overall quality of the sub. When getting a sub from Jersey Mike’s, you watch the employee build your sandwich as if it was a mini masterpiece. They start by hand slicing whatever meat you ordered, then they make sure the sandwich pieces are placed correctly and balanced in between the bun.

Jimmy John’s are known for their freaky fast sandwich making; this is what damages their subs. At Jimmy John’s after you order your sandwich, you can see the worker carelessly grab the bun and just start to sloppily throw the pre cut meat, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise and lettuce all over the place. Speaking of the lettuce, the amount of lettuce Jimmy John’s dumps on to every sandwich is absurd. No human could possibly want that much lettuce on a sandwich. Additionally, the sandwich is always uneven with meat or cheese falling out of the end. It is no masterpiece, more comparable to a six year old’s artwork. But the one thing Jimmy John’s has going for them is their chips. Unlike Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s has their own chips–and man are they good. My personal favorite are the BBQ chips. But still, that doesn’t change the fact that they make a worse sandwich.

Another thing that makes Jersey Mike’s better than Jimmy John’s is the employees. Everytime I go to Jersey Mike’s I find the workers always more welcoming and funny. They have conversations with you and are just overall more friendly. But at Jimmy John’s they are all business; they take my order, make my sandwich and want me out. Also, have you ever noticed how unbelievably loud the music is in Jimmy John’s? My brother, who used to work at Jimmy John’s, talked about how they are told to keep the music loud and obnoxious so people wouldn’t stay in the restaurant long. Is that the type of place you want to eat your sub? I don’t think so.

Time is valuable, and if you’re looking for a quick but mediocre sandwich Jimmy John’s might be the place to go. But for me I would way rather wait the extra five minutes it takes to wait for a quality well made sandwich, than get a mediocre sandwich in one minute.