Eating raw eggs is uncivilized, unhealthy, and immature


Pixabay Eggs Sunny Side Up Fried, Pixabay, Creative Commons

Three sunnyside up eggs sizzle waiting to be devoured by a person of culture.

Sam Decker, Staff Writer

When conversing with a student recently, the provocative subject of how one consumes their eggs came up. I, of course, displayed maturity and civility when I explained that I preferred my eggs scrambled, over easy, or sunny side up. The young man then demonstrated that he was on the verge of lunacy, claiming raw eggs were the best. 

After hearing this, I now can relate to those who endured the Red Scare in the 50’s and 60’s. Chills went down the back of my spine at this radical thought, how could you eat raw eggs in the 21st century? Mankind has gone to space and traveled the world, yet someone who lives in a nice home with countless luxuries would choose to eat raw eggs?

Frankly eating raw eggs speaks volumes of one’s character; it demonstrates a lack of care in taste as well as a disregard for health and safety.”

— Sam Decker

The issue with raw eggs boils down to the issue of health and taste. Frankly eating raw eggs speaks volumes of one’s character; it demonstrates a lack of care in taste as well as a disregard for health and safety. Raw eggs can even cause death through salmonella.  

It’s not just that eating raw eggs is ridiculous; it’s the sheer number of better alternatives that adds to this alarm. A scrambled egg for instance can be done a variety of ways, but at its most distilled state, it is a clean presentation of a healthy breakfast. It is also a versatile add-on to other meals. One can eat them with toast, steak, hash browns, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, salt, pepper, oregano, tomatoes and bacon; the possibilities are endless. Due to its versatility, I would say the scrambled egg is the best one can get.

While the scrambled egg is the Swiss Army knife of the egg a good over easy egg can add the spice that some are looking for. The over easy egg is a different style of preparation with the yolk being allowed to sit in the pan and harden. This lack of scrambling allows the egg white to shine through as a part of the meal. The over easy egg is a slightly more adventurous version of the egg that still shows maturity and understanding of the egg’s importance. It can be served with toast, hash browns, and bacon.

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The last type of notable egg is the sunny side up. If you were to put levels of egg adventurousness on a scale from 1-10, this egg preparation would be a BANANAS, nine. It is prepared similarly to the over easy egg; however, it is cooked less, and therefore, the yolk is left runny. Puncture the soft yellow center, and you will find a river of yolk on your plate in seconds. While I can only send the most daring of you to go try it, I have to say the reward can be quite nice. With a subtle hint of salt and pepper, this egg dominates headlines. Those who eat it are given the red carpet everywhere they go. When eating it, they often have a side of toast to sweep up the spilled yolk. 

After reviewing these options, the raw egg is not only uncivilized but it’s just unnecessary. Given how far mankind has come why must we be held back by the consumers of raw eggs.